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  • The Loan Process

  • The loan process can be broken down into three critical steps which are described below:

    1. Initial Discussion / Discovery Call

    We discuss your financial situation, the loan amount you can likely qualify for and advise you of any difficulties that you may encounter in advance of borrowing. This first initial step is critical because it helps you clarify your situation and sets you up with a game plan and confidence to move forward in your financial endeavor.

    1. Pre-Approval

    We review your application, check your credit report and actually request and examine your support documents. After your application has been reviewed, we suggest potential lenders that we have in mind before you make any final decision and purchase commitments. This stage should confirm the information revealed in our initial discussion.

    1. Approval

    We submit your application with all the support documents along with all target property details to the lender that is the best fit for your situation. We work with you and them to meet the conditions of financing. Upon a lender’s final approval, the mortgage contract is finalized with your lawyer and funds are transferred on the closing date.